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It seems that the endless global business changes brings always new challenges in our business activities. Challenges can exist in many different types of programmes or projects where collaboration is the key for success. Close collaboration can be descriped as an customer and supplier symbiosis meaning no other without another, but however independently functioning directions. This is a playfull and abstract thought.

We can reach effectivity and power through mature collaboration.

Let's concretize a little bit our collaboration concept. The advantages with it are obvious. The concept applies e.g. in many different IT -programmes or projects, where we often are dealing with both in outcourcing matters and in competitive situations. Consider a though. The project you are dealing in collaboration with Finnproc, can be e.g. an implementation project where an roughly described situation like:

After an tentative survey and the Business Case specification what were accomplished in cooperation with Finnproc, the project is moved into its reguest for proposal phase.

The Business Case is very important metrics for executive managers and it also is one of the major - brick - within the project.

Finnproc takes the responsibility of the project management, setting one our skilled project manager on the project. At this moment the named project manager is well adapt oneself in your organization and is now part of your expert team.

The chosen supplier who is from abroad has the competens, price and quality in place.

With an purpose- and qualityful project management, the project reached its end and the handover to the maintenance and the service organizations it came about within budget and on time.

With an perfect and close cooperation with different stakeholders, can we success and reach the situation where everydody are pleased.

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