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Referring to the Programme Management Survey by KPMG International (2002-2003) report, the project management is not anymore like an - nice to have - concept. Instead, it must be one of the core competence within an organization.

According to the report, that covers over 230 companies from 15 countries and among other things include topic 'So why are projects still failing?', and for the reasons for failing was identified as follow:

- Unclear/changing scope requirements,
- Poor project management,
- Poor resource management and
- Poor cost management.

We can raise the item 'Poor project management'. The reasons above, are normal project management tasks meaning that these tasks are depending on each other. In other words, no other without another.

Now we can raise the question;
'Can we gain success and release the creativity through good project management?'

What is project management that releases creativity?

Consider a though. The project works like an supercomputer where thousands of CPU's are configured to solve some problem. If some of the CPU's bus interfaces are not working properly, the machine's ability to accomplish the work is heavily decreased meaning that the desired objective might not be on time and not on budget or the project can completely fail. There can, of course, be other reasons as well.

This abstract though also applies to the projects work. The main thing is that the project manager should work as an gateway within the project and be able to configure his or her instrument to work as desired.

Very often we can hear the concept 'the project hell' and it can easily be the reason for fail or can it be?
If we really understand the matters mentioned above, then we are closer in solution of the concept 'project management'. Therefore it is question about simply way of planning and the way of organizing things.
In that case, the project members and other stakeholders can be concentrated on their essential tasks.

With an good planning and good organization work, we can gain success and release the creativity.

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