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We are planning all the time. Usually, planning is choice of objectives, content and working methods. From pedagogical behavior point of view, fundamental modes are planning, teaching and valuation which are closely associated with an pedagogical goal. The planning is an act, whose intentional aim is to aid e.g. anothers work. All doing and talking is necessarily not planning.

E.g. intentional planning improves to make reasonable choices in own work. In IT related programmes, planning is one of the keys for success and commonly this exercise will be performed in different phases such as in an controlled project planning where important topics are:

  • setting upp the objectives
  • organization set up
  • time and phase planning
  • resource planning
  • cost planning
  • initiations- and training planning

The planning in it's self can include an checklist such as:

  • plan the work in detail
    • what is the goal and what tasks need to be done to fulfill the mission,
    • what about the outcome?
  • take the right persons in the planning work
    • take your team and the customer in the planning work
  • estimate the duration and the costs
    • make an detailed estimation of the phase, before start the phase in question
  • break down the tasks
    • e.g. one task can take max. 40 hours
  • draw up the project standards. These are keys for delivering high-quality outcome
  • create the change management methods
  • agree the acceptance criterias – define the system to be accepted in advance


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